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The Deception Contest

The demons were gathered together with one goal: to build a plan that would disuade Christians from doing the work of evangelism that they had been commisioned to do.

Demons were summoned and asked to bring forward their solution. A dilusion was needed in order to convince Christians that they need not evangelize.

The first demon came forward. "I will convince Christians", he said,"that there is no God.

His idea was scoffed at. Every Christian knows that there is a Holy God.

A second demon said: "I will convince Christians that there is no hell".

The idea was met with slightly greater approval, but again it was decided that something more was needed.

A small demon slithered up to the front of the room, and said: "I will convince Christians that there is ----No hurry.----

Satan said: YES. Go.

Author unknown

"Lord teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom" Ps. 90:12

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