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This page is dark. As dark as mud - or darker.

It reminds me of our big problem : SIN.


Sin is : Anything we DO, SAY, or THINK, that goes against God.


A DOING SIN could be : disobeying your parents, fighting or hitting

your brother or sister, stealing...


A SAYING SIN could be : swearing, saying mean things about someone,

telling a lie...


A THINKING SIN could be : thinking mean or bad things about someone,

(like: Oh I hate her), planning to do something your not supposed to...


The Bible tells us in Romans 3:23 that "All have sinned and come short

of the glory of God. All means EVERYONE. Every man, every woman, every

boy, every girl - even me - we've all sinned and disobeyed God (God wants

us to be perfect like He is)


That's why we have a problem. God hates sin. Sin cannot go to heaven

or it would ruin heaven. (Just like if your mom had a clean house,

she wouldn't let you come in with muddy feet.) God can't let us into

his perfect heaven with our sin.

* But there's some GOOD NEWS!

Click on the red line to read the GOOD NEWS :


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