Perhaps after prayerfully reading the verses highlighted throughout these pages, the Holy Spirit has given you a clearer understanding of the gift of grace God chose to give you. But now what? What does the understanding of election mean in a Christian's life?

Personally speaking, I can testify that it has humbled me. I have been made immensely aware of the fact that I had that nothing to do with my salvation. My faith was a gift and even the seeking that I'd thought I'd done on my own can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit drawing me and stirring my heart, revealing His truths to me.

Second, it causes me to love God and thank Him all the more for the undeserved mercy and grace He gave me. I realize that He could have chosen to let me die in my sins; and although I really have no idea why he'd choose me, I thank Him profoundly that I was one whom He chose to give His grace to.

A third thing this knowledge does is put me in a position where I can only give God the glory. Not only for my own salvation, but also for the salvation of others. No longer can I say to myself "Wow - if I hadn't shared the gospel with this person, they might never have become a Christian" Now I can only praise God that He chose to use me to lead someone to Himself. The evangelist becomes a mere vessel, the tool God uses so that His word might be heard. When a person comes to Christ, no one should feel any pride or get any glory but God, since He chose that person and He was the one who worked in their heart.

The knowledge that God chose me is also an immense assurance of my salvation. I cannot loose my salvation anymore than I could achieve it. It is God alone who saves, and God alone who condemns. All my hope and assurance rests on Him alone. I can trust Him with my life, knowing that He had a purpose for saving me and that "He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion" (Philippians 1:6)

My understanding of scripture causes me to give God total glory for my salvation. If it should be that man does have free will and has an initiating role in his salvation; in my current standing I do not feel that would be any loss. I would rather be in a position of giving God too much glory (as if that could be possible); than to give Him not enough.

In the words of the famous song writer, I too will forever sing: "To God be the Glory" - all of it.


While a lot has been said, there is undoubtedly much more that could be discussed concerning the doctrine of Sovereign grace. It is my prayer that you might continue to prayerfully search out the scriptures for yourself to see if these things are so. If you have any questions regarding anything covered or not covered here, I invite you to join my discussion group, especially made for discussing this topic.

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