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Embarrassing Moments on Tripod

Arriving in Style

giggling It was my first day attending the bible
study that one of my friends had invited me to.
I knew no one else in the group and was
determined to make a lasting first impression.
I did. But it didn't happen the way I would
have liked it.

The study just beginning as I was arriving. I could hear everyone gathered downstairs.
I was tring to look cool and composed as I
held my head up and stepped gingerly down the

And that's when it happened... Somehow, my
foot slipped on the losely carpeted stairs,
and, I slipped onto my bottom, and down the
last three stairs.

Everyone stopped talking and turned to stare
at this red-faced newcommer. I waved to hide
my embarassement, but I just wanted to run
back up those stairs and hide! I suppose I
should have been happy - after all, I got my
wish: I've no doubt I was noticed that night!

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