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Embarrassing Moments on Tripod

Such A Heel!

dancin It was our church's Easter conference. I was serving tea and coffee and clearing tables after the meal. After walking around for a little while, I began to regret having worn high healed shoes.
Someone suggested that I remove my shoes as I might have an easier time were I simply in my stockinged feet.
Great advice! If I had taken it.

I assumed it would be improper to walk around the dining area without shoes (like what I did next was any better).
I was carrying an almost empty milk cup in one hand, and a basket with one roll of bread in the other.
Suddenly, the heal of my right foot lost its gripping on the floor and I felt myself slipping. I didn't want to wipe out on the floor, so I tried to compesate for the weight shift by using my arms.
Big mistake! As my hands flew up to catch my balance, the roll jumped out of the basket and rolled under a table, and (this is the worst part) the few remaining tiny drops of milk ended up in the hair of the lady who was sitting at the table beside me.

I am thakful that she didn't notice and that no one seemed to have noticed my near body-floor-sweep, but I was so mortified over the thought of that poor lady going to the church service
with milk drops in her hair, that I promptly left the room. To this day, I still have a hard time making eye contact with her.

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