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What do you think of when you see Gold?

Money, jewels, crowns, riches...


The gold page reminds me of heaven, because the Bible tells us that heaven

is PAVED with gold. It also tells us that heaven is a beautiful place:

Nobody ever gets sick or hurt there, nobody is ever sad, and no one will

ever die there. But the best part is that God lives in heaven.


The Bible tells us a lot about God. It tells us that God made heaven,

he made earth - all the trees and the grass, and clouds and the skies,

and all the billions of stars... God even made YOU. The Bible tells

us that God is perfect. He's never done anything wrong.


God made heaven so that men and women and boys and girls like you and I could go there and

live with Him one day. But we can't go. We have a problem. A BIG problem.


Click on the dark line to find out what our problem is


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