Green reminds me of growing. Grass, leaves, frogs, weeds... they all



Children of God have to grow too. Not just big all tall,

But growing to know more about God.


The Bible says in 1 Peter 3:18 "But grow in the grace and knowledge of

our Lord Jesus Christ.

* You know what you have to do to grow tall and strong bodies, but do you

know how to grow to know God?




1: READ YOUR BIBLE AND OBEY IT. The Bible is full of important things for us to learn about God.

It tells us how we should live, it teaches us all about what God is like

The Bible is like a lettre that God wrote for you. If you don't have

a Bible, E-mail me your address (if your mom or dad say it's okay) and

I will mail you one. Or, ask Mom or Dad for one for Christmas or for your Birthday.


2: TALK TO GOD (PRAY). Because God is everywhere, you can talk to Him at anytime, anywhere

you want (like right now). Out loud or in your head, He will hear you.

Talking to God is just like talking to your best friend. You can tell

Him ANYTHING you want to. If you are happy, angry, sad...tell God

about it. If you did something wrong, tell God that too and He will

forgive you.


3: GO TO SUNDAY SCHOOL: It is important to go to a church that believes in Jesus and obeys the

Bible. You can meet other boys and girls who are children of God too.

Teachers and friends will help you learn more about God.


4: TELL OTHERS: Now that you know the Wordless book story, you need to tell others

the GOOD NEWS too. Tell someone that you asked Jesus into your life

and that you are a child of God. You can make your own Wordless book

with construction paper. Tell the story to Mom & Dad, and your friends.


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