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Lord your all that I desire
You're all my life requires
No one else could take your place
Fill me with your love and grace

I want to serve you forever more
Lord you're all that I adore
Lord, my life depends on you 
May I cling to none but you

May I never trust in princes
Desiring man's love more
Lord your all the love I need 
Both now and forever more.



'Somewhere out there' - or so it's been sung
'Someone's thinking of me'
But as I watch the sunset 
Melt into the sea
I can't help but wonder: where can you be?

Until we meet, on my knees I'll wait for you
Praying that God will keep you
And will show His grace to you
Though right now I can't see you
I know my God can
And it stills me to know
That you're in His hands

I said a prayer for you today
I prayed that God would bless you
In His own special way
And I know it was answered 
Though you never knew
That long before we'd meet
I've been praying for you 


I know God's timing is never late
He desires my best, so I must trust and wait
As He holds me, He holds you
How awesome His plans
As He guides you and guides me
When we take His hand.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki


The fruit of the tree seemed oh so ripe
But Adam said: 'No, it's not right.
If God said no, He means it so
We cannot eat the fruit so sweet'

The devil smirked and Smiled with glee
Adourned himself with the serpent's beauty
Said he: "I think God spoke a lie
Enjoy the fruit - you will not die"

The serpent's words were sweet to Eve
Her lustfull heart he did deceive
They ate the fruit, and as God said
Their perfect souls now stood as dead

The fruit of your love seems so ripe
And I wish we could share a bite
But God knows best
I trust Him so
Forbidden love, the answer's no

If you be Adam and I be Eve
The tempter's lie we do believe
The fruit will kill if we don't wait
We die their death and share their fate.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki
April 1998


I put my heart in your hands:
You broke it

I took my heart in my hands:
I kept it

I put my heart in God's hands:
He fixed it 

And taught me to love again

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki


You saw me
He just looked at me
And turned away 
You held me
When he pushed me away
You cared for me
He cared for himself
You talked to me
And you listened
He listened with his eyes 
And heard nothing.

But I was with you 
And I wanted him
I'd dream you were he
Saying these things
Smiling, loving, tendre
I wished he would do
The things that you do
I spent weeks wishing 
That he could be
Just like you
And that's when I realized
That my true friend 
Was you.

September 20th, 1998

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