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T’was the night before judgment 
When all through the earth 
The wicked ran rampant 
All lying from birth 

The Christians were nestled
All snug in their pews 
While the worldly around them 
Laughed out at their views 

The schools taught their children 
Much evil and lies 
While kids learned about Darwin 
Parents lowered their eyes 

T’was ok to kill babies
The issue was choice
Though deep down they knew better 
Few lifted their voice 

The views they held dear
From the evil they hid 
The world asked for their silence 
Live in silence they did

To cause controversy 
This no one would dare
Jesus said he was THE truth 
But that just wasn’t fair 

“We can’t impose our views”
The many exclaimed 
As they nestled down deeper 
In the pews that they’d claimed 

“We’d surely offend them 
And drive folks away 
If we preached against sin 
And claimed the only way”

So the world just collapsed 
In a coma of sin 
While the Christians in church
Snored still louder within

“Jesus is coming” 
Said the Christians unfazed
“The evil around us 
Says we’re in the last days”

“No need to do nothing
We’d be fighting in vain 
We’re waiting for Jesus 
To clean this world again”

They prayed for revival
But too few would stand
To do something to bring 
A revival at hand

Til up on the clouds
Came a trump and a shout 
The world stopped in their snoring
And stumbling about

Those asleep in the dark
Those asleep in the light
All woke up to see 
That their end was in sight 

Many shouted “Lord Lord”
But heard “I knew you not”
For you simmered luke-warm
When I wanted you hot”

“You held concerts in my name 
Wore WWJD 
Had a fish on your car
But you didn’t obey me”

“I told you to speak
You made hardly a sound
Now don’t be surprised 
When you’re spat to the ground”

The day of God’s judgment 
Brought many-a-tear
From many who thought 
They had nothing to fear


The night before judgment 
May well be tonight 
Wake up now one and all
You who sleep in the light!

© Kristine Kruszelnicki, October 12, 2003

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