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Yesterday I fell down
And I knew the sting of pain
Dark clouds blocked the sunlight
And my tears poured down like rain
Yesterday was lonely
And I held my pain alone
I was just about to jump ship 
When today's sunlight shone

Today my ears were opened
And I heard the saviour calling
He wiped the tears from my eyes 
Picked me up from where I'd fallen
Today he called me and I followed
And I knew that in my heart
When tomorrow came he'd be there
Rain or shine we'd never part

Tomorrow I will walk down 
The path we build today
Though the road ahead is clouded
My saviour knows the Way
His Word will be my lantern
To guide each step I take
Tomorrow He will be there 
When in the morn I wake

Sometimes I hear the echoes 
Of the cries of yesterday
But yesterday is gone now 
And I only have today
I cannot change yesterday
But two days I can affect
I can shape a better tomorrow
By following Him today.

Kristine Kruszelnicki
December 1999



The whipped and beat you
As they led you to Calvary
Ripped the beard from your face
And placed on your head a crown of thorns
Then they nailed you up
And then they stood and mocked you
But you cried out: "Father forgive them,
They know not what they do."

How could you forgive them?
They deserved no grace!
They drove the nails into your hands 
And spit apon your face
How could you forgive them?
After all they'd done
God, how could you let them crucify
Your Holy Son
For our sin

There you hung half naked
With your blood falling to the ground
But not a hint of anger 
Could in your eyes of love be found
Then you cried : "It is finished!"
And you hung your head and died
But then, just to finish you off
They drove a spear into your side!


You rose again
The grave it could not hold you
You conquered death
And you blood has covered my debt of sin
So I stand in wonder
At the mercy that you give
'Cause the death you died on the cross 
You died so I might live

(Chorus #2 :)
How could you forgive me?
I deserved no grace
I drove the nails into your hands
When you died in my place
How could you forgive me
After all I've done?
God, how could you let them crucify
Your Holy Son 
For my sin.

Kristine Kruszelnicki
September 1997


Alone in the junkyard of sin I did play 
So happy with nothing, I had my own way
But as night turned to day, and as day became night
The junk in my fingers was no longer so bright

Still I looked all around me for some kind of toy
For another small nothing to bring me some joy
But my eyes lost all hope, as no joy could be found
It wasn't long until I was somewhere else bound

Alone on the highway of life I did go
The junk ‘round my ankles made me move so slow
I tried to let go but the chains held me tight 
As I wandered and struggled, and worried with fright

As I wandered I saw so many just like me 
Eyes blinded by garbage, wandering endlessly
I looked for assistance, but nobody came
For around each soul's ankles: junk chains of the same

Alone and confused, almost wanting to die
Til I heard of the one who could make people fly
One whose hands were so mighty that no chain could be
Too thick for Him whom they said held the key

Each step a burden, I struggled  in vain 
Unable to carry the weight of my chain
Alone and discouraged I fell to the ground 
Knowing I would never have the strength to walk on

Alone in the darkness I lay on the ground
Crying hot tears, wanting just to be found.
Then I looked up and saw His hands stretched out for me
I could not com to Him, so He had come to me

He knelt as He took all the chains off of me
I watched as He took them and bore them for me
The power of the chains He destroyed with His hands
Though He suffered to break them, the victory was grand

I had nothing to say that could ever repay
Or come close to the thanks that I owe since that day
Now freed from the wight of the chains I did stand,
Placed my hand into His big and powerful hand

Even now as today I still struggle along,
Sometimes wanting to play in the junkyard of wrong;
I know that the Saviour still holds onto me 
He'll hold me and keep me through eternity

And now on the highways I see everyday 
People walking in garbage, searching for the Way
I cannot forget how I once was right there
I must never ignore, yes I must always care

The chains I once bore now ensnare me no more
But there are many more whose ankles are getting sore.
The Saviour is waiting, so until my dying day
I'll walk life's road to point them the way.

Kristine Kruszelnicki
(C) 1996