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“Guilty!” came the verdict
As down the mallet fell 
Its thunderous noise shattered my heart 
And all hope did dispel 

The crime scene all around me
I knew I stood no chance 
Guilty, now condemned to die 
The fairest recompense 

I hang my head in full shame 
I wait for the blows to strike 
I know what plight awaits me 
What beatings, nails and spikes

I hear the sound of flesh ripped 
The blood comes pouring down 
Endless is the whipping 
I cower to the ground 

I hear the crowd mocking 
I know I deserve it well 
As warm blood pours around my face 
I lie in wait of hell

At last I hear “It is finished”
I wonder why this is 
For I know I was condemned to die 
And even yet I live 

And then I realize at last 
The blood that is on me 
Is not my blood, no not one drop 
The Judge paid all for me 

He took my place and chose to die 
His blood it fell on me 
And left me empty-handed 
For He took my curse from me 

I don’t think I will ever know 
Why He would take my place 
But I can only thank Him
For this is amazing grace 

He broke my curse forever
When He walked out of His grave
I live now only because He died 
So now my life I’ll give to Him. 

Guilty was the verdict 
But I stand condemned no more 
How merciful a judge we have 
How incredible, our Lord.  

Kristine Kruszelnicki   January 7, 2003


They whipped and beat you
As they led you to Calvary
Ripped the beard from your face
And placed on your head a crown of thorns
Then they nailed you up
And then they stood and mocked you
But you cried out: "Father forgive them,
They know not what they do."

How could you forgive them?
They deserved no grace!
They drove the nails into your hands 
And spit upon your face
How could you forgive them?
After all they'd done
God, how could you let them crucify
Your Holy Son
For man’s sin

There you hung half naked
With your blood falling to the ground
But not a hint of anger 
Could in your eyes of love be found
Then you cried : "It is finished!"
And you hung your head and died
But then, just to finish you off
They drove a spear into your side!


You rose again
The grave it could not hold you
You conquered death
And you blood has covered my debt of sin
So I stand in wonder
At the mercy that you give
'Cause the death you died on the cross 
You died so I might live

(Chorus #2 )
How could you forgive me?
I deserved no grace
I drove the nails into your hands
When you died in my place
How could you forgive me
After all I've done?
God, how could you let them crucify
Your Holy Son 
For my sin.

Kristine Kruszelnicki
September 1997.

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