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Hours and hours 
Are drifting away
But I have decided to think today

I'm not thinking of me 
I'm not thinking of you
I'm trying to think 
Of what thinking to do.

I'm not thinking of valleys
Not thinking of trees
Not thinking of oceans
Not thinking of seas

I'm thinking of nothing
It's kind of a bore
Thinking of something to think of
Is really a chore

I want to get going
To get thinking, you bet
But I haven't found something 
To think about yet

I could think of the future 
But I don't think so
I could of somebody
That I do not know

I could think of my family 
I could think of my pet
I'll just sit here and think
'Till a first thought I get.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki


I never knew who this man was
I guess I never will
He followed me wherever I walked
And when I stopped, stood still

I thought he must be lonely
For he always followed me 
He seemed to mirror my every move
And never let me be

One day I sat beside a stream
And he sat down nearby
I politely asked him for his name
But he gave no reply

For hours we sat in silence
This little man and I
And I wondered why he wouldn't speak
It almost made me cry

I shook my head in wonder
And he shook his head too
Atlast I sighed, and walked away
But again, he followed too

We spent much time together
He always was around
And he always left me, and went home
Each time the sun went down

I never knew who this man was
I guess I never will
But every I turn around
He's right behind me still.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki
August 1997


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Put your food up on my table
Please! Please!  Enjoy your meal
If you sit all prim and proper
It will seem like an ordeal.

Make castles out of potatoes
I don't care what you do
Have a green-pea throwing contest
And a carrot-dual too.

Children your toungues are so useless
If you don't wave them about
When somebody annoys you,
Go one, stick your toungue out!

If you do not want your veggies
Just stick them up your nose
Then blow out - you will be surprised 
To see how far they goes

Please don't use utensils 
(I know you don't anyway)
It's really easier not to have
To wash them everyday.

So now you know the golden rule
For acting like a selfish fool
Yes, go ahead and act this way...

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki


I am too tired to write anymore 

All that I'm writting is really a bore

I cannot think straight, and I can hardly see

'Cause my eyes keep escaping and sleeping on me

I guess that's enough of this writting and such

I should've stopped already

I've written too much

My pillow awaits but my fingers write on

I can't even think of how to end this poem

There's more I cold say

This poem could be so great

But I'm going to sleep so it will have to wait.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki

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