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Amelia Rose woke up one day
The sun was shining in its usual way
But when she tried to say "How do you do?"
All that came out was one giant...

Amelia's mother shook her head.
Said she : " I think you should stay in bed
If you are sick it will not do 
To go to school and make others sick too.
Your Father's here, Amelia dear;
Stay home and rest. It's what is best."

Amelia whined and squirmed and cried.
"But Mom!" she screamed, "It's so nice outside!
I am NOT sick," Amelia said.
I want to go to school instead.
I'm feeling fine, I assure you.."
And then she let out... one big giant 

I'm sorry dear, her nother said
As she patted Amelia on the head.
You'll feel much better when tommorow comes.
I'll be back home when the day is done."
She smiled, and turned, and walked away
And Amelia thought "What a waste of a day!"

So there she sat, staring out at the wall
There was nothing to do.  No nothing at all!
She sat for five minutes, mabey ten; 
Waited for a sneeze, and then
She said : "I didn't sneeze one sneeze!
I'm feeling fine now, thankyou please!
Mom was wrong.  I need not stay
Goodbye, dear bed - I'm off to play!"

Down the hall Amelia crept
She passed the room where Daddy slept
She walked as quiet as a small girl could do
But then she let out... One big giant 

Poor Daddy woke up from the sound of her sneeze
He clearly did not look too pleased
"If you will not sleep, go play with your toys
But don't let me hear you making noise!"

So Amelia found her toys
She even played without making noise.
But soon she got bored of her dolls and cars
And saw: there were some toys in the yard.
She knew she should not do it, but 
She opened the door, and out she strut.

She saw the mailman walking by.
He said hello, he said goodbye.
But when she tried to say : "How do you do?"
All that came out was one giant 

The mailman left to bring mail to the zoo
And Amelia decided to follow him too
When he tried to say bye to the keeper at the zoo
All that came out was one giant

Amelia now felt very bad.
I gave my sneeze to the mailman. How sad
A boy asked : "Where zoo-keeper, are the kangaroo?"
But all the man could annswer was one giant :

As the little boy ran, Amelia followed him too
For it'd been a long time since she'd been to the zoo
The boy ran so fast that he bumped and knocked down
The big Mr Mayor - the boss of the town!
"I'm sorry Mr Mayor, I didn't mean to bump you!
I feel really bad now, I feel really...

Amelia just didn't know what to do
Her mother was right.
What she'd said was all true.
She should have stayed home
should have stayed home in bed.
but now she was making the town sick, instead.

The mayor sneezed at the ice-cream man 
Who sneezed at a bus driver 
Who sneezed at a teacher
Who sneezed at a diver

Who sneezed at a fish
Who sneezed at a seal
Who sneezed on the whole crowd 
At the show of the seals.

And each of these people sneezed on sombody new
Who sneezed on someone else with a giant "ACHOOO!"
Soon the whole town was sneezing
Not one was okay
And Amelia cried : "Why didn't I obey?"

As Amelia walked home, she hung her head low
People were sneezing wherever she'd go
She crawled into bed, almost fast asleep too
When mum open the door and let out one giant 

The very next morning, in her usual way,
Amelia woke up and wanted to play.
No one was outside, not a soul was around
But she could hear people sneezing from all around town

Amelia learned that it's wise to obey
What our mommies and daddies and our teachers say
So the next time your sick and Mum or Dad says "stay"
Remember Amelia, and simply obey.

You'll feel better soon, yes that much is true
But please don't give ME your giant

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki
September 24, 1998
E.C.E.  english II

Kristine Kruszelnicki

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