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Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! I write songs and play guitar. But that's our little secret - you, me and the world wide web Ė ok?.

Yes indeed, you heard it here first, though I'm somewhat secretive about this apparent gift of mine. I've written a fairly large number of songs but most have only been heard by myself and dust mites under my bed. A few have made their way into pro-life banquets, my brother's wedding and church basement coffee houses, but that's about it.

I started writing songs when I was a little girl, though I'm quite certain that "Originated from Venus", my lonely 10 year-old mindís response to being rejected by peers won't become a classic anytime soon.

In my personal music tastes, Iíve always been drawn to artists and songs that ďhave something to sayĒ. Itís no surprise then that I would draw much of my lyrical inspiration from thought provoking and soul moving song-writers who have a real passion for the heart of God and for the Truth. Musicians like Keith Green, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Rich Mullins, and Ray Boltz, among others; as well as a handful of more recent groups like, Caedmonís Call, Third Day, and Casting Crowns.

While the occasional piece of ďear candyĒ can be fun, I want to write songs that challenge people, that change them, that ultimately draw them closer to God and into a greater appreciation of who He is and what our responsibility is toward Him and toward others.

Iím currently a member of the Christian Writerís Network, though Iíve yet to be ďdiscoveredĒ or nominated for a Dove award. But if God opens the doors, who knows what my life might bring. You can say you knew me when. (Iíll probably deny ever knowing you, but you can still say it.) ;)

Iíd post my demos so you can hear a few of my songs, but they suck. The demos Ė not the songs. :) I need a better computer, a better soundcard, and a digital recorder that lets me play a pre-recorded piece at the same time as I record another piece overtop of it (Goldwave lets me mix but I canít hear the part Iím recording to, resulting in harmony thatís off-timing = pointless)Ö ideas? suggestions?