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I was raised in what people could call a "Christian home". My parents were Christians and they brought my brothers and I to church, bible camps and Sunday School since before I was old enough to remember. I grew up knowing all the bible stories and songs; and even winning awards in our "AWANA" program for Bible memorization. By the time I was five years old, I'd heard all about Jesus: how He was God's son, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died on the cross for our sins, and then rose again three days later. I remember, at five years of age, getting down on my knees and "asking Jesus into my heart". I'd been taught, as the Bible says in John 1:12: that "to them that received Him, to them that believed in His name, He gave the right to become children of God." I remember how badly I wanted to be one of God's children; so I "prayed the prayer".

It was easy, at the time to live a "Christian" life. I attended a Christian school Monday to Friday, and Sunday school on Sunday. It was "cool" and accepted to pray, read the Bible and live an exemplary life. In the fall of 1990, as I was entering the 7th grade, my parents switched my brothers and I into a french public school. Suddenly, everything changed :

It was no longer "cool" to pray before lunch, talk about God, and be a "little church girl". In my desperate attempts to fit in, I soon began saying grace with my eyes open and stopped mentioning my church activities. Before I knew it, I found myself forsaking prayer altogether, and soon I was swearing and cursing like the rest of my peers.

I still continued to go to church and Bible camp. I lived the "double life". At church, I appeared to be a model Christian : I knew all the answers and could quote the Bible during our "sword drills". I was fooling everyone. Everyone but myself, and God. "Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." (1 Samuel 16:7)

Although I got into a good group of friends when I began high school, my "double life" continued to be lived out until the summer of 1994, when I was 15. God had been working in many areas of my life, but I clearly was still living for myself. I'd decided to spend my summer with Child Evangelism Fellowship. Although I tried to convince myself I really wanted to see children come to know Jesus as their saviour, I knew deep down, I was looking for a fun way to spend my summer. I was going to have fun. But God had other plans!

During the intensive two-week training, God really grabbed hold of me. The key-note speaker spoke about truly living for God. Not pretending or playing the part but living the LIFE. It was early in morning, sitting by the pond after a restless night, when I made my promise to God. From here-on-in, I wanted to follow Him. I wanted my life to count for Him and to glorify Him.

I had the most amazing seven weeks after that. In groups of two's, we taught children the message of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation. I had the exciting opportunity to be used by God to lead approx. 26 children to faith in Jesus. I began to really have a burden for the lost, that summer. I couldn't walk down a street without looking at people and wondering : "Do they know? Has someone shared Jesus with them?" Every time I'd walk through a crowd I'd think : "There are so many! So many who need to hear!" Before the summer was through, I made a promise to God that wherever I was, as He led, I would spend the rest of my life as a missionary.

After a summer of always having the support of at least one other Christian, I was a little frightened about going back to a school and a secular environment where I was a solo Christian. Things were hard, but I ended up having the most awesome year of my life. I soon found it was just as much fun and exciting to share the gospel with my own peers, as it had been with the children. I wore the Wordless Book colours like they were the latest style, and became known as the "'Jesus loves you' girl".

People ask me when I became a Christian, and I'm not sure what to answer. It's easy to "pray the prayer" as I did as a five-year old child. To SAY : "I believe you died for me and I want you as my Lord and saviour" is one thing. To MAKE Him your Lord is another. I believe I lived my childhood with nothing but "head knowledge". The term "Christian" literally means: follower of Christ. Until that summer, I know I had not been doing that.

Five years after that morning by the pond, I can testify that life since the summer that God called me to Himself has been one challenging, but really exciting ride. It's not over yet and God is still working in my life, refining one area of my life at a time. Sanctification is a long process, but I praise God that "He who began a good work in me will be able to bring it to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."(Philipians 1:6)


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