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Goodbye Tom

Love never fails 
Friendship won't die 
I won't stop being your friend
Though you say goodbye

You have your reasons
I can't comprehend 
Why a friendship like ours 
Must come to an end

You've touched me more deeply 
Then you'll ever know
I have no idea
Why we must let this go 

I'll never forget 
All the nights that we shared 
Across all those miles 
I knew someone cared 

I laughed and I cried 
And I poured out my soul 
And you listened, not judging 
With you I could share all

When my faith was weak
You helped me to stand 
You taught me of God's love 
And His sovereign plan 

All the nights that I lost sleep
I'll treasure forever
Though it caused me flunked courses
I will regret them never

I called you my Brother 
I called you my friend 
I confided in you 
Thought it would never end

In my life I've met many 
Who were friendly to me 
But few I could trust 
Like you, so completely 

But perhaps I was foolish
I loved you too deeply 
I held you in my heart 
While you threw it away 

And now, just because 
Of something I can't reset 
The sex that I am 
This friendship I must forget 

Forced to say goodbye 
Til we meet in the sky 
And yet I never really even
Got to say hello

You were a face on my screen  
A voice over the phone 
A piece of my heart 
And now you're gone

But love never fails 
True friendships don't die 
Say your goodbye's 
And just leave me to cry

But know this for certain
Wherever you go 
You'll be in my heart always 
I do cherish you so.

I will certainly miss you 
I already do 
But my God is your God 
And he sees you too 

So I'm sending my love 
And my prayers up to him
Goodbye, dear friend 
God bless, 'til we meet again

Kristine Kruszelnicki

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