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Lord once again
I've tried in vain
To make it on my own
And once again
I've found the truth
And once again I'm wrong

Oh Lord so oft' I run ahead
And plan what I shall do
Without taking the time to ask,
To give my plans to you

Like water rushing through my hands
My dreams all melt away
So I sit in a puddle of tears and cry
'God why'd you go away?'

If I would only place my dreams 
Into your mighty hands
I know you'd shape and mold them
Just to fit your perfect plans

So teach me Lord each day
To give to you my everything
Since all I have, I have from you
I want you to be king

And once again, as I start to run
Ahead of your clear will
I put my hopes into your hands
And I will trust you still.

By: Kristine Kruszelnicki


Jesus, saviour, steer my vessel
For upon life's waves I roll
Tossed and turned
The wind is blowing
Hold me, saviour; take control

Jesus, Lord, the ocean's wide
Strong and mighty pulls the tide
Seems my human compass fails
I'll trust in you.  Your love prevails.

Jesus, savior, I don't know
Which way you would have me go
I'll, still moving, let you steer
Always toward you draw me nearer.

Jesus, I surrender all
I will follow your high call
You always lead to waters still
I'll lean on you.  Blow as you will.

By Kristine Kruszelnicki

Oh Lord, you hear my evey prayer
And answer them I know
But sometimes though it hurt me, Lord
I'm glad that you said no

Like a little child, Lord
I cried and tantrumed so
But you knew what I wanted
Would end up hurting me so

How I often see myself
In the eyes of a little child
Who wants to climb the fence so bad
He tantrums and he cries

But Father knows the pain and hurt 
That lies behind the gate
And so He says 'My child, NO'
And tells His child to wait

As I look at my life today
I'm glad for answered prayer
But if you'd always let me have my way
I'd never have made it here

So I give thanks for prayers not answered
The way that I thought best
Because you do the answering
And you know what's best
I know I forever am blessed.

By : Kristine Kruszelnicki

Kristine Kruszelnicki

This is just the chorus of a song I'm writing, but I figured I'd stick this on here anyhow :)
I may not know what tomorrow brings 
But that won't stop my heart from singing 
I may not know where I'll go from here 
But I need not fear 
I may not know what God has for me 
But que sera sera 
And what will be will be 
No I don't know what the future holds 
But I know 
Who holds the future 

By : Kristine Kruszelnicki

Kristine Kruszelnicki

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