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Hi boys and girls! Don't you just LOVE stories?

I have a book that has LOTS of really fun stories. It's a really BIG book

with 66 smaller books inside it. Do you know what that book is?


If you guessed the bible, you're right! The Bible is God's book.

It's filled with special messages and promises. Everything written in

the Bible is true - that's because God wrote it, and God cannot lie.


Many boys and girls want to read the Bible. But the Bible is a VERY big

book! Much to long to read in one night, or as a bedtime story!


Here is a special story that tells the most important message in the

Bible. It's called the Wordless Book, because, once you know the story,

You can make your own book - and you don't need to write any words.


This story is made with colours. Each colour reminds us about one of

God's special messages from the Bible.

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