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In the stillness of the morning,
As the sun begins to rise
As the night rolls into daylight
As I open up my eyes
I hear you calling to me
Yes I know you know my name
I will eagerly come before you
Just to speak with you again

As I walk the day by your side
You wrap me in arms of love
And I feel you calling to me
As you whisper from above
As I stand and feel your presense
I do know that you are there
So I pause and praise a moment
So I come to you in prayer

In the quiet of the evening
As the sun begins to set
Still moments I've shared with you
I know I will not regret
As the stars declare your power
I will stand in awe of you
I will praise you for you're awesome
And in prayer I come to you.

As the days turn into months, Lord
As the months roll into years
You've been near me, never failing me
Through laughter, joy and tears
And now until forever, Lord
You're mine and I am yours
And I'll praise you for eternity
Now and on heaven's shores.

(c)Kristine Kruszelnicki

Your name is to me
Like the sound of the wind
Blowing apon the sea
Your name is the rain
Quenching the dry desert
How beautiful your name to me

I whisper your name 
In the still of the mourn
And I hear you answering me
In the song of a bird
In the rustling of grass
The sunrise apon the blue sea

Your name is to me 
More than mountains of gold
To know you a treasure greater still
Were the skies filled with diamonds
I'd rather have you it's plain
Had I one last word, I'd speak your name

You have so many names
Yet not one can express
To the fullest, Who you are to me
I long to hunger for you, Lord
And never be full
May I never tire of praising your name.

(C) Kristine Kruszelnicki
April 19, 1998


When I consider who you are
O Lord I feel so small
I see this world around me 
And I know you made it all

I long to lift my voice of Lord
 And worship you my King
But what words can be worthy of 
The maker of all things?

The stars declare your glory 
And in praise the birds do sing
Even the trees lift up their hands
To praise the King of Kings

I too, O Lord would like to lift 
My voice to praise your name
But all the love I have for you
Mere words cannot contain

|The thunder shouts your power
Waterfalls speak of your might
And even the sun declares your greatness 
As is shines forth its light

Lord all creation lifts your name
And even if I were silent 
The mountains would sing and proclaim
You are infinite, Sovereign, omnipotent

So Lord I'll try to sing your praise
Though I know not where to start
I'll worship you Lord all my days
With all that's in my heart

(C) Kristine Kruszelnicki
March 20th 2000

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